Saturday 5 January 2019

Praise from one side

I, Daniel Blake will be shown on TV for the first time, tonight at 9.45pm on BBC 2. It shows the human cost of this Tory Government's cruel welfare policies. It is one of the most moving films I have ever seen and should be watched by everyone. 
If anyone is in any doubt of the human cost of Tory austerity on our communities please watch I, Daniel Blake tonight at 9.45pm on BBC 2.
And here, in response to Rebecca, is the Conservative MP James Cleverly 
You do realise that it’s not a documentary, don’t you. Don’t you?
Hmm. Wonder what the anti-BBC Corbynistas make of this? Even their Great Leader is recommending the BBC for being the first broadcaster to schedule the left-wing Ken Loach's  film. 

The BBC has always been kind to Ken Loach. (Their 'radical chic' side?).


  1. I am still waiting for Ken Loach's searing indictment of the "intership" culture and nepotism under modern capitalism. His two children could help him as they both work in the film industry.

  2. Comments could be going better for James - but no real surprise Twitter is home to the left.

  3. This talk of “Tory cuts” and “Tory austerity” is a nonsense. Had Labour won “that” election that everyone in the BBC expected them to win, rather than Cameron, they too would have been forced to make cuts. Loach may well be the darling of deluded Corbynistas, but this is just propagandistic rubbish.


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