Sunday 6 January 2019

Owen Bennett-Jones on how the BBC is not unreasonably seen as a liberal-biased outlet in the USA

Owen Bennett-Jones writes:

Radio is growing in the most advanced markets such as the US, where it consistently outperforms BBC TV. This brings its own problems. Since the BBC is far more likely to report, for example, on climate change rather than, as Fox News might, on crimes committed by immigrants, its agenda is perceived in the US as liberal-leaning. This perception is bolstered by the rebroadcasting of the BBC on public radio stations, whose audiences tend to be liberal. The BBC is now, not unreasonably, associated with one side in the US culture wars.

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  1. I think the average licence payer wants to know WTF the BBC is doing interfering in the USA's national life with BBC America. If there was a VOA UK trashing Jeremy Corbyn the Guardian would be writing long articles criticising it.

    It is claimed BBC America earns £200 million for the BBC. I'd like to see the accounts. I suspect a lot of costs are being hidden. Does BBC America pay its share of BBC central training costs and so on?


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