Sunday 6 January 2019

New Look, Familiar Face

I had to smile at Nicky Campbell previewing today's new series of The Big Questions by telling us the show had "a brand-new look" and yet as soon as it began there was Peter Hitchens, 'the only right-winger in the BBC village', seated at the front, as he so often is. 

I'm all for Peter Hitchens on the BBC, but he does seem to be 'the right-winger for all seasons' on programmes like The Big Questions. 

The first Big Question today was 'Should drugs be treated like alcohol?'. And it turned out to be a very good thing that Mr. Hitchens received his usual invite because without him it would pretty much have been a 'let's legalise cannabis' rally. 

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  1. I've said before, they like their right wingers a certain way...Peter Hitchens smells of British Rail upholstery, CS Lewis religiosity, stale brown ale and 50s patrician values. In short they feel he is old fashioned enough to put people off.


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