Thursday 1 August 2019


This is the first time I've actually had to turn the radio off because I couldn't actually bear to listen to it.

It's official. I'm literally allergic to Jon Sopel.


  1. It's like my nut allergies. I'm allergic to some but not all types of nut, so to be on the safe side I avoid them altogether. The same might be said for the BBC USA contingent - Sopel, Zurcher et al - best avoided.

  2. Sue re your link AFAIK the #playt=1h33m46s trick ceased to work when BBC Sounds was introduced
    now you have to tell people to go manually to the time 1 hour 33 mins 46s into the audio

    1. Thanks Stew, I thought that too, but when I tried it out it seemed to work for me. Probably my own devices ‘remembering’ though. You’re much more tech savvy than me.

      Isn’t it typical that the BBC makes everything less convenient the more they f about with it. Once upon a time the Today Programme site had ‘running order’ and sometimes individual sound clips. Now you have to waste your time looking for stuff should you want to pinpoint anything. A deliberate deterrent(?)

    2. Sue, Nope that direct audio doesn't work here on Android nor on Windows on either browser it just starts at the beginning.
      - Maybe it works on Apple devices
      - Or your device is simply jumping to the last point you listened at.

      - Running audio is sometimes on Facebook
      like here

    3. typo : R4Today running order


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