Friday 30 August 2019

What persecution?

At around the same time as my previous, (I’d switched to the Parliament channel to get away from the Brexit related  hysteria on the BBC/Sky) I also saw the HoC debate on the persecution of Christians overseas - apparently Christians are the most persecuted religion of all  - that debate took place quite a while ago (11th July in response to the Bishop of Truro’s report) but, apart from broadcasting the debate itself on the Parliament channel, have we heard a great deal about it on the Beeb? 

I don’t think we have. There was something on the Asian Channel, but it’s ‘not currently available’

You have to rely on the internet for such information. 

The BBC is useless in that regard.


  1. It's that idiot Nihal in the pic isn't it? I can guarantee you that would have been an unilluminating programme even if you had been able to hear it. And he would have been droning on about Islamophobia, colonialism, Palestine, the Far Right and racism.

  2. it’s ‘not currently available’.
    No Big conspiracy
    .. It's a 2.5 hour daily prog, so only the last 30 days are available online

    No one tweeted about that edition
    - except ONE woman said she cares
    - The BBC Asian Network did ONE 2-part tweet about the news story also on May 3
    .. none of their punters seemed interested

    1. Yes, I can see what it looks like. I should have used “speech quote” marks rather than ‘scare quote’ (single) - I intended to indicate “quotation” rather than ‘conspiracy.’

      When I tried searching “Persecution of Christians” on the Beeb’s admittedly useless search engine this was the sole example that came up and I included the illustration primarily to indicate the BBC’s comparative lack of interest in the topic.


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