Monday 12 August 2019

What's good for the goose...

Anthony the Zurcher

Roughly half of Anthony Zurcher's tweets these days fall in the category of "partisan hack sneers at Trump":


  1. In his tweets and retweet’s he is always calling out those in public office for being partisan. But like most at the BBC he is blind to this trait in himself.

  2. Anthony Zurcher can only get berserker!

    I call him the "Registered Democrat"...he certainly registers as a Democrat with me...

    He is also one of the most boring TV news reporters I've seen on the screen courtesy of the BBC...and it's not as though there isn't stiff competition (yes, Sarah Smith I am looking in your direction).

    Evan Davis was a bit conflicted on PM today interviewing Anthony Scaramucci...ex media spokesperson for Trump. Scaramucci has now taken ag'in him and is likening him to Hitler in his bunker calling for Gotterdammerung (...of course Davis didn't question whether that was a slightly hyperbolic way of describing the USA with its buoyant economy and peace abroad). Of course that means he is very welcome on the BBC. But Davis couldn't forgive him for his past and wanted the Mooch to confess his former sins, something the spin doctor was not inclined to do.

  3. H/T to Marky Mark over on Biased BBC for this link demonstrating just how far comedy - particularly BBC-approved comedy - has fallen...

  4. Trump is The President
    .. Zurcher is the one watching President Trump on TV


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