Monday 19 August 2019

Kicked in the head and "punched in the melee"

A remarkably resilient Owen Jones, bright, shiny and unscathed after a 3am assault by numerous far-right thugs.  

“Tommy Robinson ….a convicted far-right thug of…of..

“..of the EDL” interjected Shaun Ley, helpfully.

There are many other aspects to this fiasco that one could mention if one had the energy, but I do think the BBC should be made aware that Tommy Robinson shouldn’t be labelled “of the EDL" because that is misleading and it looks extremely biased. 


  1. I preface this by saying that I find Owen Jones a thoroughly objectionable and dishonest individual - the very embodiment of the dark resentful heart of the far left. So I am already prejudiced. But I can't help feeling that he is really enjoying this latest enhancement to his victimhood status.

    1. You're not alone on both points.

    2. One aspect of his dishonesty: he used to be a Corbynosceptic before he became a Corbynite! -

  2. The BBC are very happy to broadcast his side of the story. No facts, just hearsay. They are thoroughly dishonest and hypocrites to boot with their news reporting.

  3. Little Owen....the Jussie Jones de nos jours

  4. There will come a time - and I think it may be quite soon - when the perps of 'this sort of thing' turn out to be ethnic minorities.

    We are approaching a time where the BBC is prepared to represent as 'the far right' ANYBODY who does ANYTHING to those who describe themselves as progressive.
    A very thin and threadbbare blanket.

  5. Of course if OJ really did recognise attackers
    and it was a proper attack, rather than shoving in a doorway
    he would have reported it to the police
    the people would have been quickly arrested and charged
    And there would be no such media platforms
    cos it would be sub judice.

  6. CCTV? There's plenty in the vicinity.


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