Saturday 7 March 2020

Out Of Office Message (from Craig)

Hello all. Just to let you know that I won't be around the blog for a while. Events, dear boy (and girl). But Sue will be posting when she can, and Open Threads will be popping up regularly. So please bear with us and please keep on posting your comments. There's a lot of BBC stuff going on at the moment. However, as Jimmy Young once of the BBC used to say, TTFN. 


  1. Ah, yes, events...

    I am sure we will all look forward to your return before too long. Your weekend missives will be much missed and we shall be positively pining for your pithy posts. That's enough alliteration! All the best.

    1. Sunday Posts: Yes, especially when Red Andy is on the receiving end! Hope to see you back soon!

  2. I am somewhat older than you, Craig, and remember that Tommy Handley used to say TTFN in a (real) comedy show on BBC radio called ITMA. (ITMA = it's that man again) Circa 1940/1950.
    It was a favourite of my Dad

  3. I’ll probably carry on as usual but I hope Craig’s sabbatical doesn’t put you off ITBB altogether.

    As Craig said, we hope you keep contributing to the Open Threads. He’s still keeping an eye on things, so don’t despair.
    ‘he wasn’t there again today’


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