Tuesday 19 May 2020

Wither and die!

I don’t think either of us wants the blog to wither and die. In lieu of a considered answer, I give you some knee-jerk responses.

1) Twitter has addled our brains. Short attention span / Attention Deficit is the disorder of the day.

2) Echo chambers make me sad.

3) Teachers (might) testify that force-feeding a well-worn syllabus onto yet another fresh intake is the personification of tedium. Only in this case the exam never comes. The BBC grinds on just the same. After a decade of blogging (ultimately the same old stuff), repetitive tedium injury kicks in. 

4) In the unrequited pursuit of the youth market, the Beeb has forgotten that the young eventually grow up. Stop it BBC! You are not Marks and Spencer. 

5) Monkey Brains was indeed a prolific commenter and sometimes his was the sole response to a post.  Maybe it was simply an aversion to Disqus or my own ‘rebuke’ that drove him away. He deserved his own blog.  

6) I can’t see what is wrong with the layout of Disqus. Maybe the problem is your end?

7) In days of old (when knights were bold and posts were long and thoughtful) it was even busier below the line. Check out archives circa 2016 and earlier.  

8) Personally, I feel we have almost exhausted the BBC’s bias. I’m not satisfied with endless nit-picking over the BBC’s individual transgressions any more (there’s an app for that) and I think - if we’re to continue - we need to broaden the remit. 

9) I’m not a proper Conservative by the way. I dislike the overly dogmatic anti-lockdown rhetoric one finds on TCW, and I did think the btl discussion engendered by Melanie Phillips’s (presumably now out of favour with Kathy Gyngell) attack on Lord Sumption’s anti-lockdown stance raised far more interesting, diverse and debatable points (on both sides) than the echo chamber that is the default of many Conservative-leaning blogs and websites. 

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