Wednesday 27 May 2020

Lewis Goodall stands up for Emily Maitlis

Lewis Goodall is clearly somewhat emotional tonight. He's just tweeted:
So much to say but best to leave it for now given, for obvious reasons, certain people want nothing more than to have a debate about the media. Instead, will just say I couldn’t be prouder to work on BBC Newsnight, a world class programme with a world class presenter, Emily Maitlis.
Lots of people are telling him how much they admire him and encouraging him to keep his chin up and looking at their Twitter bios it's very striking how many of them bear descriptions like "Socialist", or "pro-EU", or "appalled at self harm of Brexit", or "member of the Labour Party", or "anti-Johnsonian", or "Guardian", or have spider emojis. It's an overwhelming trend in fact. 

What is it, do you think, that they so admire in Lewis Goodall?

Update 23:05: Meanwhile, even while Newsnight is being broadcast, he's still actively 'liking' and re-'liking' criticism of the BBC's ruling, including the one cited earlier branding the corporation "spineless". He's deliberately courting trouble I think. 

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