Friday 3 July 2020

More on Lewis

Are Newsnight's staff now playing a game of Dare on Twitter? 

You may already know that Emily Maitlis deleted a tweet today - one quoting, as if she were backing it, some attack on the Government for being anti-democratic by a controversial Sky hack from February. 

But I've just seen another Lewis Goodall tweet disappear before my eyes too. 

He was using the Portuguese government to attack the UK government, in a heavily loaded way - as is his way. 

And now that tweet has gone. 

It's all somewhat toned-down stuff down now on a similar theme instead - and, for him, surprisingly balanced.

If only I'd screen-grabbed it. 

What I remember was it calling it "stinging" from "our oldest ally" and adding an extra twist of bias - a turn of phrase that I can't quite recall because I was WhatsApping someone at the time but thought was the absolute cherry on the even-more-absolute icing of the absolutely biased cake. 

(Is there a Twitter equivalent of Newssniffer?)


He keeps on doing that. 

Many of the tweets he doesn't delete inhabit the borderlands of BBC impartiality, but his repeated post-something-ultra-biased, please-the-Twitter-mob, get-the-applause, and-then-delete-it-without-saying-anything behaviour is especially naughty. 

(What do his fans make of their enthusiastic responses vanishing too (collateral damage, friendly fire)?)

I think he's playing a game.

He's very canny, but one day he'll badly come a cropper. 

Hopefully soon.

And then Sir Keir can make him his director of communications, and all will be well. (You still heard it here first).

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