Tuesday 28 July 2020

Straight White Male and other languages

Talking of Michael “In Israel they murder each other a great deal” White, indeed, the BBC is losing its stalwarts; they’re dropping like flies. 
“How fluent are you in Straight White Male?” Jeffrey Boakye asks his guest Iesha Small as he stands in for Michael Rosen on Radio 4’s Word of Mouth.

What is this funky new language? I bet it’s something to do with white privilege! Ah! It’s a new name for cultivated eloquence. If I remember, one would aspire to it in the olden days if one wanted to get on in life, or get on the radio. But not any more.  Now, if S.W.M. is, like, your first language - it’s, like, a positive drawback. Mr Boakye is a teacher. His subject is English. He should know.

Everything on the BBC - from the radio to the TV and the web-sphere - is devoted to black people explaining what’s wrong with white people; this must be  ‘good’ racism.

This morning at 19 minutes past seven  Mishal  Husain spoke to a mother about an incident.
 “….the male turned out to be a 12-year-old with a toy gun.” said Miss, in her ‘sugary’ voice before introducing the boy’s mother who described the incident. "Armed police!" "Toy gun!" "Jogging bottoms!" “Was it cos I is black?”  emoted the boy’s mother, the BBC and Miss Husain. Yes indeed. Everything is because that.

Why on earth was a 12-year-old playing with a toy gun? Surely, at that age he should have had a real gun.

Later, Kemi Badenoch MP Treasury & Equalities Minister, (black,) was subjected to The Sanctimonious Schoolmarm treatment. 
“Are you satisfied with a 12-year-old being treated in this way?” asked Miss Husain, menacingly. 
“Do you feel for the mother who felt that the officers would kill her if we’d moved when they arrived at the house?” she probed?

  • Why aren’t there enough people of colour in football management? 
  • Why did the (black) (ex)security guard mistake the (black) editor of Vogue magazine for a delivery driver? 
  • Why must everything on every single programme on every single one of the BBC’s multiple platforms be race-related? (Black-race related I mean. Not just any old race.)  
  • When will it be safe to come out again? 

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