Saturday 7 November 2020


Jon Sopel was in full gloating mood on BBC One this evening. 

Though he's happy at the moment, I think he's going to end up missing Donald Trump. 

Being sarcastic about President Trump has been his 'thing' in recent years. Being nice about Joe Biden will be much less exciting and might bore his beloved audience on Twitter.

Anyhow, here's his BBC One piece tonight:
When Donald Trump left the White House this morning to go and play golf. Counting had been continuing. Nothing had been declared. By the time he comes off the 18th green, someone is going to have to tell them that Joe Biden is President-elect and that the race has been called for him. Now, Donald Trump is not conceding. Anywhere near. His lawyers, his legal team, insist they are going to fight and they have have got grounds - although what those grounds are still not clear. Nevertheless, Joe Biden, at the age of 77 and exactly 48 years after he first became a senator, is now going to become America's 46th president. And it should also be added that Kamala Harris will become the first woman Vice President, first woman of colour in such a lofty position in America. Outside, on the streets in Washington, the soundtrack is of honking car horns, the tension has been relieved after five days of waiting.  
At just after 11 o'clock this morning, the decisive and historical call was made. Joe Biden will be America's next president. It came after the latest batch of votes from Pennsylvania, which meant he'd opened up a 30,000+ lead over his rival Donald Trump. In cities across America that tend to be more liberal, the party is starting to celebrate Joe Biden's victory, people honking their horns, hugging in the streets. This morning, Donald Trump went off to play golf, something he'll soon have a lot more time to do. Although the reality of his situation was made clear to him as the motorcade swept into his golf club. The President throughout has been tweeting furiously, going full caps lock. One read, "I won this election, by a lot!" Last night, Joe Biden gave another holding statement, increasingly confident, assured that the tide of history is flowing in his direction. Biden, at 77 years old, will become America's oldest president. In temperament and outlook, he is the opposite of Donald Trump, but he will inherit a bitterly divided country. The president is determined to fight, his lawyers are fanning out across the country, but what is the case? There are allegations aplenty, but substance is thin. 
It may be that Donald Trump's tenure is ending and the words that he hates the most will attach to him - loser - as he moves towards the exit. Jon Sopel, BBC News, Washington.

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