Friday 20 November 2020

Hope Springs Eternal

The other day I read Peter Hitchens saying, "I was inoculated against optimism at an early age, and it has served me well all my life. I thoroughly recommend you, too, get yourself immunised against this dangerous scourge", yet today he tweeted:

Click! Off, yet again,  goes the unbearable BBC Radio 4 Today programme, for decades my habitual morning listen. Relentless conventional wisdom, unquestioning, incurious, and therefore immensely boring as well as stifling.  Yet day after day I hope foolishly for a change.

Oh Mr Hitchens, please book yourself a new jab soon!

Talking of which, he also tweeted this earlier:

Tried to get comparative viewing figures for BBC Question Time over past few years. BBC replied: 'Not available'. BBC not, in reality, subject to FoI because of incredibly wide exemption, so is anyone there able to leak? 

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