Tuesday 5 July 2022

Antiques Roadshow is next

Jake Kanter, The Times's busy media correspondent, reports this afternoon [I paraphrase] that BBC One staple Antiques Roadshow is being targeted by woke types for not being negative enough about the British Empire, and that the BBC - now putting the programme out to tender for the first time - is bowing to pressure from this fairly tiny minority and demanding that any external producer should protect the BBC's “reputational risk” in “how it handles sensitive areas such as colonial history”. 

And, inevitably, the BBC also wants to 'refresh' the programme's roster of antiques experts to make sure the “team continues to evolve in a way that reflects the breadth and diversity of the BBC audience”. 

And we all know what that means: Boxes will be ticked and there'll be over-representation of minority groups. 

Fiona Bruce can thank her lucky stars though. By the sounds of it, she's not being replaced with Afua Hirsch quite yet. 

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