Tuesday 5 July 2022

Samira Ahmed on a “bizarre BBC statement”

Samira Ahmed, host of the BBC's right-to-reply programme Newswatch, has been having her say on the Westwood Scandal:
I see it’s thanks to BBC News challenging the BBC over its FOI response that we learned the truth about previous Tim Westwood Complaints. (Guardian today).
She could have read that very sentiment here at Is the BBC biased yesterday, but these BBC types love their Guardian

Whatever, she continued:
Bizarre BBC statement. And sterling work by @blondeafro.
The “bizarre BBC statement” in question runs as follows:
This is an historic case that the BBC has found in its files. We are establishing the facts around it. It did not relate to conduct at the BBC, BBC premises, or conduct towards a BBC staff member, nor was it an accusation of physical assault.
That is pretty bizarre.

@blondeafro, if you were wondering, is BBC journalist Chi Chi Izundu, who fired off those FOI queries which so discombobulated another part of the BBC.  

Wonder if any BBC high-ups will want to come on Newswatch this week? I'm guessing not.

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