Friday 15 July 2022

'Flawed' reporting?

How BBC Manipulated a Major Arab World Survey in Order to Slam Israel is the headline of a piece at Honest Reporting by Gidon Ben-Zvi. The BBC online report, Arabs believe economy is weak under democracy, is mainly about what it says it's about, but also contains this passage:
According to the EIU [Economist Intelligence Unit] Democracy Index, the Middle East and North Africa is the lowest ranked of all regions covered in the index – Israel is classed as a ‘flawed democracy’, Tunisia and Morocco are classed as “hybrid regimes”, and the rest of the region is classed as ‘authoritarian’.
I can see what Gidon means when he says that this makes Israel sound akin to the 'hybrid regimes' and 'authoritarian regimes' that surround it rather than the democratic exception that proves the rule. The BBC 'achieves' this by not giving context - specifically by not saying what a 'flawed democracy'. Other 'flawed democracies' include France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Belgium, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. Indeed, Israel ranks higher than all of those except France.

The Honest Reporting piece ends with a question, which it doesn't leave hanging in the air:
Does the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom have an anti-Israel agenda? The British Broadcasting Corporation’s long history of perpetuating an alternate version of reality with regards to the Jewish state certainly raises serious questions about its ability to report on events coming out of the Middle East with any kind of impartiality.

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