Friday 8 July 2022

Seven days in July

For an alternative take to Brendan's...

The [UK] Press Gazette has a piece by its editor-in-chief, Dominic Ponsford, headlined Seven days in July when journalists brought 'careless power' to account

Dominic of the Press Gazette, not to be confused with Mr Cummings, is impressed by his likeminded fellow journalists. And not just by the press, but by BBC broadcasters too.

The BBC rode hard, reins cracking. during the latest charge to dethrone Boris, and the final cannon blast that sounded the casus belli to topple the present PM came via the BBC itself - specifically from BBC political correspondent Ione Wells

Ione, as Dominic Ponsford puts it, 'revealed' that Boris 'had been told about a formal complaint about Mr Pinchergate MP’s “inappropriate behaviour” when he was a Foreign Office minister in 2019/20'.

The BBC made Pinchergate top news for 6-7 days. 

Ione Wells of the BBC has been the toast of left-leaning/pro-EU/pro-BBC Twitter and their media friends ever since. 

Ione evidently dug well.

So, in the same spirit, let's dig too...

...and using 'Farage' as my knee-jerk first 'search' on Twitter when investigating BBC journalists' tweets - as it's such a 'tell' as to where they're coming from politically - ...'s Ione, before joining the BBC and 'leaving her coat at the door', displaying her hand:

And this time-marked link [if she doesn't delete it] will bring up all of her tweets around the time of the 2016 referendum on the UK remaining in or leaving the EU. Here are just a few of many, many examples, e.g.:

No wonder she's played such a part in Boris going. Ever so impartially of course.

Apologies if this is old news - though I've not seen it elsewhere yet. 

I'm guessing others will have been 'doing an Ione' and doing unto Ione what Ione has been doing unto Boris. 

But if we've 'a scoop' here, hopefully Pippa Crerar and Beff and Paul Brand and Robert Peston will put the blog up for an award.

And, to end, one for my 90-year-old Dad and a favourite piece of music of his, best known for being played via a BBC concert conducted by John Wilson. 

Here's the original though - not conducted by either JW or the BBC - displaying latter gangs of 'journalists', BBC ones near the front, high-fiving each other as they converge and rampage in pursuit of Boris's head. Is that the late departing Lewis Goodall I see cantering in from the left?

The composer is the wonderful Franz Waxman:

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