Sunday 10 July 2022


Oh dear...

I might be wrong, but I thought it was now pretty much confirmed that it emerged - after all the fuss and brouhaha and 'outrage' earlier in the year - that Labour deputy growler Angela Rayner had joked to fellow parliamentarians about opening and closing her legs to show off her, ahem, ‘ginger growler’.

Regardless, the po-faced BBC - which made so much of it at the time - is making this headline news this afternoon, minus any mention whatsoever of that now famous phrase about a 'growler' which happens to be 'ginger' in its hue:

The story involves the Conservative MP for Grimsby, Lia Nici - who, despite her name, apparently isn't a pop star.

The word 'slur' in the headline shows where the BBC stands on the matter. 


Someone on Twitter asked, 'How is the truth a slur?' But is it the truth or a slur? Or something in-between, where a joke morphed into a later day in the House of Commons, at PMQs, where Ms Rayner wore a skirt split up to her growler region and then, as photos showed, displayed more leg than a dancing centipede at the Moulin Rouge? 

Anyhow. Back to Dua Lipa MP...

High on the scent of blood perhaps, might the BBC be after another Tory scalp? 

If so, will Lia MP - even as they're placing the axe against her forehead and lighting up torches to burn her at the stake - still be a nice Tory and soak it up and do nothing whatsoever about the BBC?

...because the BBC remains very selective in who they make into 'outrage' headline news.

One thing we learned about this though, if you recall, was that certain parts of the North - people from some alleged county apparently called 'Yorkshire' - call pork pies 'growlers'. 

I'd never heard of that, being from the other side of the Pennines. But my dad, hailing from east Lancashire, has another word for them entirely. He continues to call them 'meat knockers'. 

What is it with pork pies and connotations that would make even expert Scrabble player Albert Steptoe blush?

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