Saturday 2 February 2013

A Case in Point (Update)

So, some 24 hours later, the BBC News website finally catches up with most of what the rest of the British media (except The Guardian) was reporting 24 earlier:

A woman has said she did not want to live when she saw herself for the first time after having acid thrown in her face near her home in east London.
Naomi Oni, 20, said she was attacked by a person wearing a veil covering their face after getting off a bus in Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, on 30 December.
Keep reading for another eleven paragraphs and Naomi is quoted saying:
"I saw what seemed to be a lady wearing what I think is a hijab (sic), which was mostly black."
So there you go. They reported it after all: Late, saying "veil" at the top of the article rather than anything more specific to Islam and - the final insult - putting a "(sic)" after her use of "hijab" but, yes, they reported it after all.

The original much-read article, however, stands unchanged.

The Guardian, however, is persisting with its policy of not reporting the story. Which is typical of the Guardian.

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