Saturday 11 October 2014

Breaking news...Eric Morecambe's leg has been sawn off

Oh for Gawd's sake! 

Some despicable scrote has tried to nick Morecambe's main tourist attraction, the Eric Morecambe statue. 

Every day, whether sunshine has been brought or not, hordes of locals and tourists lift a leg and raise an arm in honour of Morecambe's favourite son (and his pal, Ernie) and get snapped by their friends and family for so doing. 

And now someone - apparently a Morecambe man -  has attempted to saw through Eric's standing leg and make off with him. 

The statue has now been removed by the council for repairs. 

Well, I've heard it all: Syria, missing airlines, Trojan horses, drowning migrants, Iraq, Ukraine, I.S., Calais, Ebola, British jihadis, and now, worst of all, this.

Stop the world please. I want to get off.   

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  1. I think Eric would have loved that report on Sky News. It’s full of unconscious humour and ambiguity. The image of the slain statue - on the back seat of a police van?
    They called it an effigy! Agent 007 (almost) is on the case. At least someone has been arrested! (on suspicion)
    ”The bronze figure was unveiled on the promenade by the Queen in July 1999 and was joined by Morecambe's widow, Joan, and his children, Gary, Gail and Steven.”
    I can hear the great man himself solemnly delivering those lines, with a smirk at the word “unveiled”.

    Then the slightly absurd image of bronze Eric beside four other bronze statues in decreasing sizes, down to a miniature Steven.

    That shouldn’t amuse me but it does.


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