Sunday 19 October 2014

Dr Magombe flees for his life (because of UKIP)

Just a very quick word on this week's Dateline (minus Gavin Esler), which unfortunately reverted to type. 

Though former Observer editor/Newsnight presenter Adam Raphael struck a sound note of moderation, two of the other left-liberal-biased panelists - Michael Goldfarb and Vincent Magombe - mainly used the opening discussion of Ebola to criticise the West. Both accused the West of racism. Yes, it was that type of panel. 

As for the question on the self-proclaimed Islamic State, that was framed (by Maxine Mawhinney) as being about the whether our bombing of S-PIS is having a negative effect and acting as a recruiting sergeant for the jihadi cause, though the actual discussion that followed was less focused. 

On UK domestic politics, three of the four guests were dismissive about UKIP, while the fourth, Dr Magombe, struck a hysterical note, saying they are "scary" and racist, and it's so bad in the UK (due to racism over Ebola and the rise of the "beyond the Right" UKIP) that he now wants to flee the country. He thinks it's no longer safe to be black here. 


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