Saturday 25 October 2014


Looking at the various news websites this morning (6.30am), it's interesting to see their contrasting news priorities.

Sky News and ITV both lead with the latest school shootings in the U.S., a story BBC News doesn't feature in its top 10. The BBC leads with the resignation of Labour's Scottish leader.

Politically, the most striking difference is that both Sky and ITV make Tony Blairs alleged negative remarks about Ed Miliband [the lead in the Daily Telegraph] one of their top 3 stories, while the BBC website ignores the story - which will doubtless provoke a few knowing 'aha!'s from those who accuse the BBC of pro-Labour bias....

...though the fact that the BBC is leading with Johann Lamont's parting shots at her Labour colleagues rather counters that criticism.

Sky News
1. Student Dead After Shooting 'School Friends'
2. Automatic US Quarantine For Ebola Medics
3. Tony Blair Denies Saying Miliband Can't Win
4. Google Executive Sets New Parachute Record
5. Ukrainian Refugees Flee To Russian Arctic
6. Johann Lamont Quits As Scottish Labour Leader
7. Shocking Moment Blind Man Thrown On To Tracks
8. Human Remains Are Missing Student Hannah Graham
9. Axeman Who Hacked Cops Was 'Self-Radicalised'
10. Schools Urged To Teach Body Confidence

1. Two dead in US high school shooting
2. Two-year-old Mali Ebola girl 'could have infected hundreds'
3. Blair denies saying Miliband can't lead Labour to victory
4. Spider-Man joins Hong Kong protests
5. UK clocks could soon tick in time with central Europe
6. Egypt declares three-month state of emergency in Sinai
7. Human remains confirmed to be UK-born student Hannah Graham
8. David Cameron: I am not paying £1.7bn EU bill
9. Driving licence fees to be slashed by 32%
10. Canadian soldier's body taken to hometown

1. Scottish Labour leader standing down
2. State of emergency imposed in Sinai
3. 'Many exposed' to Mali Ebola girl
4. Cost of driving licence to be cut
5. Man injured in west Belfast shooting
6. Cancer-killing cells made in the lab
7. Life terms for Argentina jail crimes
8. New HS2 station proposed for Crewe
9. Anger over ancient woods quarry plan
10. Used car buyers 'need more support'

Where the BBC website leads Radio 4's Today tends to follow. [UPDATE: And so it proves].

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