Monday 13 October 2014

In Their Own Words

I wish I could say I'm off to Sorrento for a few days, but I'm not. Still, I won't be here again until Friday. Family matters, you know, darn sarf. 

So, I'll bid you 'Arrivederci!' and leave you will with a new 30 minute YouTube video from a mystery free-lance journalist who has compiled a huge collection of newspaper cuttings from the past ten years of so featuring more than 30 former and existing BBC staff admitting (implicitly or explicitly) that the BBC is biased.  

It's like an updated, moving image version of Biased BBC's 'In Their Own Words' section. It's exceptionally comprehensive.

So crack open the popcorn, and 'Caio!'...

1 comment:

  1. Damn. Just...damn.

    The evidence is there. If only there were a way to seriously and intelligently collate all the efforts to expose it and the seemingly infinite amount of it. I used to think B-BBC was the place to do it, but that has changed. Ed West, Charles Murry, Delingpole, Lord Tebbitt, even Rod Liddle, plus Craig's tireless amassing of data and DB's brilliant sharpshooting.....there must be something possible, no?


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