Saturday 11 October 2014

Quiz: Can you tell Sky News from BBC News?

Here's a delightful quiz to brighten up this October morning. Can you tell your 'biased BBC' from your 'biased Guardian'? 

Below are the news headlines from five UK media organisations at 11.00 am on Saturday 11 October 2014. From their running orders can you work out which media organisation it is? 

There's one each from (in alphabetical order) BBC News, the Guardian, ITV News, Sky News and the Telegraph. Which is which?

[Answers in the comments field below.]

Mystery media outlet 1
1. Ebola exercise to test Britain's readiness
2. UN warning as deaths from Ebola pass 4,000
3. Ebola Crisis: special report on the front line
4. Snapchat hackers post explicit images online
5. Johnson warns of  'thousands of terror suspects'
6. Boy, 3, mauled by jaguars after zoo fall
7. 'People's Army of UKIP' arrives in Rochester
8. Clacton result sparks fears in marginal seats
9. Airstrikes missing IS front line, say fighters
10. Celebrities clip wings of paparazzi drones

Mystery media outlet 2
1. Nationwide exercise to test UK readiness for Ebola
2. Ukip surge puts pressure on Labour
3. Johnson in London terror warning
4. Snowden's girlfriend Mills in Moscow
5. US: Turkey to train Syria rebels
6. Malala wins joint Nobel peace prize
7. Ex has book banned to protect son
8. Boko Haram frees 27 hostages
9. Mobile networks give police records
10. HK government pulls out of talks

Mystery media outlet 3
1. Ebola: National exercise to test Britain's readiness
2. UN warns of 'genocide' if IS take Kobani
3. Farage targets Kent seat and more defections
4. 'Thousands of terror suspects' being monitored in London
5. Thousands of explicit Snapchat images 'stolen' by hackers
6. Boko Haram releases 27 Cameroon hostages
7. 1 in 5 health workers has extra job to make ends meet
8. Malala dedicates award to 'voiceless children' around world
9. Africa Cup of Nations 'could be postponed over Ebola'
10. Weather: Mix of sunshine and showers across the UK

Mystery media outlet 4
1. Farage: UKIP is targeting everybody
2. New York's JFK starts Ebola checks
3. Cameroon Boko Haram hostages freed
4. Former major stripped of bravery medal
5. Iraq's Anbar appeals for help on IS
6. Death penalty for China cult killers
7. Top Gear Argentina row 'not a stunt'
8. China 'confident in HK stability'
9. Concerns rise over US-EU trade talks
10. French 'destroy' al-Qaeda convoy

Mystery media outlet 5
1. Thousands of terror suspects being monitored on our streets
2. Boris: Blair owes part of his success to Hitler
3. PM fights Ukip threat with blitz on immigration
4. UN: We could face genocide in Kobane as Isil attacks
5. Graham Norton: Drinking has got me into trouble, but I won't be giving it up
6. North Korea says talks with South 'all but scrapped'
7. Ebola: UK hospitals test readiness for outbreak
8. Private firms pose biggest threat to privacy, says GCHQ
9. No flight home if UK nurses catch Ebola
10. Man's app to stop women 'who don't look like dating profiles'


    1. Sky News
    2. Guardian
    3. ITV News
    4. BBC News
    5. Daily Telegraph

  2. POST QUIZ ANALYSIS (over a pint with Nigel)

    What stands out from the listings above are (a) the contrasting news rankings and (b) the stories that some organisations omit.

    Ebola is the lead story for Sky, the Guardian and ITV. The BBC goes with Nigel Farage's post-victory views. The Telegraph with Boris's views on terror.

    Boris on the threat of (Islamic) terrorism in London is a major story for the Guardian, Telegraph, Sky and ITV. Only the BBC ignores it.

    Everyone has something I.S.-related, though no one puts the story in in poll position.

    You could have guessed the 'Guardian' (if you didn't!) by spotting the inevitable Edward Snowden story. Boris's prominence in the Telegraph is equally unsurprising.

    The BBC list is the most international focused. Even their Ebola story uses a non-UK angle.

    The BBC is the only one to feature the stripping of the former (British) major's bravery medal.

    The BBC also has a story about itself in its Top Ten. (Surprise, surprise!)

    1. As of 3pm, the BBC is also now leading with Ebola and the focus has shifted from the US to the UK: "Exercise tests UK's Ebola plans".


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