Wednesday 8 April 2015

Every first minister needs a Willy

Just while I'm on the subject of last night's BBC One News at Ten (and sorry it's so late but it's been a very long day at work)...

Before its close [at about 10.25pm] the UK-wide programme featured a report on last night's STV leaders' debate in Scotland. As the reporter was BBC Scotland's James Cook, looking unscathed after his savaging by cybernats,  it understandably avoided editorialising.

In spite of everything, the London/Salford-based BBC still doesn't seem to have a particularly good grasp of Scottish politics. Their caption accompanying the contribution of Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie read "Willy Rennie".


In fairness, however, Newsnight, straight after on BBC Two, did get Willie's name right - and it made the STV debate its lead story. 

Newsnight also showed the audience booing Nicola Sturgeon for refusing to rule out a second independence referendum in the near future - a point Laura Kuenssberg picked up on later. 

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