Saturday 25 April 2015


According to Julia Hartley-Brewer at the Spectator, (h/t Alan at Biased BBC), Labour pulled off a cynical stunt yesterday morning, and the BBC fell for it. 

They apparently briefed the press - or was it just the BBC? - that Ed Miliband was going to blame David Cameron personally for causing the present mass loss of lives in the Med by destablising Libya. That condemnation never happened - and may never have been intended to happen. Still, it led the news all day. ("One of Miliband’s closest aides justified it to me, with the words: ‘We got into the papers, didn’t we?’", says Julia.)

Whatever the truth of all that, one veteran BBC reporter would doubtless have wholeheartedly agreed with Ed Miliband if the Labour leader had said what the BBC reported he was going to say.

As we know, Hugh Sykes isn't shy of expressing his opinions on Twitter (or in his reporting). Here he is a day before the Labour move...


  1. The BBC fell hook line and sinker and publicised Ed's ravings. They did not ask the question "Why did Ed not make these points after Gaddhafi's demise and subsequently ? Why suddenly now ? "

  2. Yes, let's go with 'fell for it'.

    It's not like the BBC doesn't have an ignoble history of taking what Labour 'will say' and running with it if it sounds like what the BBC wants to hear.

  3. All Beeboids think the same way. But it's they and their fellow travelers who share responsibility for the outcome of Cameron's 'war of choice'. It's the Left, and especially the isolationists and phony anti-war crowd in the media, who have cowed leaders into shying away from anything that looks like "occupation". So Cameron and the rest of them decided to bomb away without any possibility of cleaning up the mess afterward. They made the choice, but it's the influence of the left that prevented any follow-up.

    I don't want to hear one more goddamn word from the Left about humanitarian crises in countries where leaders butcher their own people, because they really don't want to do anything about it except throw money at it.


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