Wednesday 8 April 2015

Norman grabs Labour by its Balls

After years of calling Norman Smith things like "anti-Tory Norm" and, from time to time, suggesting a pro-Labour bias on his part, it would be completely remiss of me not to point out that Norman providing a fine bit of counter-evidence today:

As far as I can see from the subsequent reporting, he rather ruined Labour's day!

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  1. Getting the impression that some car crashes even the most dedicated BBC Labourphile can't ignore. And they are so insultingly arrogant in denial professional hackles being rubbed all sorts of wrong ways.

    Ed Balls' 'keep digging' tweets to explain it all away as a conspiracy are backfiring magnificently.

    A 'Downfall' spoof is surely not far off.

    Maybe mashed with 'Up Pompeii'? "Infamy, infamy... they all have it in for me!" (OK, that was Carry On).


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