Saturday 18 April 2015

Some good news?

Over the past few weeks he's stopped his relentless, controversy-seeking anti-Israel tweeting and is now largely sticking with innocuous photos of spring and tweets about cycling, Doctor Who and whether Lionel Ritchie resembles a kangaroo.

If he has finally been told to stop discrediting the BBC on Twitter, then that would be a step forward.

(It's a big 'if' of course).


  1. That's a racist tweet. Yet, sadly, not one of the most offensive of Donnison's output.

    1. Have to say, comparisons of such a nature, in private as opposed to not stupidly spread across the internet, did not serve Carole Thatcher well.

      Surprised he's not worked himself up in a lather over the PM's beer-related achievement over the weekend.

      If he has stopped with reporting, is he now paid simply to muse wistfully? Which is nice.


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