Saturday 25 April 2015

It's back! Friday Night Live (the late edition)

Are we becoming too serious?

If so...

...and as it's the wee small hours of Saturday morning, you're all way more drunk than we are, and we're live here at 'ITBB' (shout out to the girls from Wigan at the back)... are some jokes from an increasingly popular joke site, as recommended by Evan Davis, The One Show and the production team behind Eastenders - or so we hear on Wikipedia (h/t Grant Shapps)...

These jokes may have been nicked from Radio 4's screamingly, blood-vessel-burstingly hilarious The Now Show - the funniest programme since sliced bread (and no less funny than sliced bread)...

...but I somehow doubt it.

Anyhow, or so I was told (though I don't believe myself, m'lud), heeerrrrrrre's Marcus Brigstocke and his funnies (woo hoo!)...
I invited my Muslim neighbours round to sit in the garden for a BBQ. Half way through, I informed the husband that his wife had been unfaithful to him with lots of men. She hadn't but I needed the rockery moving.
Look Turkey, the Germans know what they're talking about. If they say it's genocide, it's genocide.
My neighbour Mohammed had the police called to his home after brutally beating his wife. The court can't decide if it's domestic violence or child abuse.
Little bit of politics, little bit of politics.

Pure Islamophobia there. Over to the Two Rons then. They'll rescue us:  
Ever since I've downloaded Adblock, all the single girls in my area seem to have lost interest...
Disgraceful stuff. I'm completely offended, you're completely offended. I blame Benny Hill. This is Ben Elton. I'm off to the BBC. Good night. 


  1. Some good ones there!

    What do you call a left wing comedian with a successful musical in the West End and a huge stash in the bank? Ben Elton's mother (it's a tax avoidance scheme).


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