Sunday 15 April 2018

Lord Adonis is on the BBC again

The BBC has been prominently covering the anti-Brexit 'People's vote' campaign today. 

This morning's Andrew Marr Show featured an interview with Locutus of Borg, leader of one anti-Brexit campaign. (The group's slogan is 'Brexit is futile').

And 'Campaigners demand 'people's' Brexit vote' has been the second story on the BBC News website for most of the day. 

And this afternoon the BBC News Channel, reporting from the London anti-Brexit rally, interviewed Lord Adonis. 

Lord Adonis told the BBC an egregious lie, saying that Theresa May promised £350m for the NHS post-Brexit:
There isn't going to be the £350m that she promised for the NHS every week.
Now, you and I know that Mrs. May never said any such thing and wasn't even on the Leave side of the referendum, but the BBC interviewer (Vicky Young) allowed His Lordship to get away with this absolute whopper. 

The obvious response from all sensible people here is to complain directly to Ofcom about the BBC promoting this anti-Brexit campaign on all their channels, giving Lord Adonis yet another platform and, worse, allowing Lord Adonis to lie live on air with no comeback whatsoever - a BBC shambles.



  1. There was another whopper on the BBC World Service news bulletin today. The BBC reported Anna Soubry's claim that "The government has said that we are going to be less prosperous after we leave the EU than we are today." (My recollection of the words).Nowhere has the current government said that as far as I know. Osborne and his gang made some claims about a recession following a Brexit vote which were shown to be false. I think the Treasury still claims growth will be lower following Brexit than it would have been if we stayed in the EU. But that's about RELATIVE growth rates, not absolute prosperity. Soubry was talking about us being less prosperous compared with today, which can only be understood in absolute terms. The BBC reported her words without comment, thus promoting a clear piece of Fake News.

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  3. I think the BBC has paired back coverage of this "peoples Brexit vote" or whatever it's called.
    This is probably due to the fact that the whole thing becomes more of an embarrassing spectacle the more you look at it "celebs" like Sir Patrick Luc-Piccard and failure politicians demanding a vote but not even agreeing on what the result of a "no" vote would be, some were saying re-negotiation of the exit treaty, others saying we'd just stay in the EU like nothing happened.
    I think even the BBC realize that this lot could be as toxic for the remain rump as was the stunt which virtually handed Leave victory by Sir Len Henry, Saint Bob Geldolf and the drunken champagne socialists who screamed abuse at fishermen on the Thames.

    1. It hasn't gone well for them! I guess the choice was US-based celeb or globalist Blair as the main attraction and they went for the former. Also Lord Adonis have gone full Bat-Shit Crazy is making them look ridiculous. BBC is pro-Powell and pro-Brexit? Lol!!! That really is outer orbit stuff! :)

    2. BBC wise to steer clear of Expat Pat, as pretty much any outing with comments going South pretty fast.

      If this is the 'A'-Team of Remain advocacy, they are... or should be... ignored.

  4. It does seem to me that Adonis is unbalanced.

    I looked him up on Wikipedia:

    "Adonis's father, Nikos, emigrated from Cyprus as a teenager, becoming a waiter in London, where he met Adonis's English mother.[5] His mother left the family when he was three and she has had no communication with him since.[5] Shortly thereafter, Adonis and his sister were placed in care because their father was working long hours and was not able to cope with sole parental responsibilities. Adonis lived in a council children's home until the age of 11, when he was awarded a local education authority grant to attend Kingham Hill School, a boarding school in Oxfordshire."

    One has to sympathise with him on his upbringing - very tough. Of course lots of politicians compensate for big parental or other traumatic issues in their lives (Blair's early death of mother, Thatcher's inability to form a close relationship with her mother, Brown's serious eye injury come to mind).

    One can perhaps see how the idea of "deserting" a union might for Adonis cause particular psychological disturbance. You don't need to be an amateur psychologist to deduce that. I don't he should be using us - the British people - as some sort of cathartic lightning rod. I don't think the BBC should be allowing him to rampage over our constitution either. And why have I never heard anything about Adonis's background on the BBC. It's pretty relevant. They are always going on about Boris's Turkish background.

  5. Libel laws compel caution in my choice of words but I will say that Adonis is extreme in his reactions and positions. And he's not the only one. Modern Britain seems to be suffering from a surfeit of individuals - a notable few of them immigrants or born of immigrant parent(s) - with a massive sense of entitlement and an overbearing compulsion to dictate policy to the mass of us little people, otherwise known as the British people.


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