Sunday 29 April 2018

One of Our Stories is Missing

The Sunday Times front page (and two more pages inside) has Russian Twitter bots tried to swing general election for Jeremy Corbyn. As at 1:30 there is nothing on the BBC News website - only Voter ID plans 'deeply flawed', says Electoral Reform Society.
Indeed, The Sunday Times story hasn't been a story on the website all day [except in the online paper review of course]. I checked at 7.30 am and it wasn't there, though it was the fourth story on both the Sky News and ITV News websites. I checked again around 11.00 am and it was still the fourth story on the ITV website but had slipped to ninth place on the Sky website, but still nothing on the BBC News website. Now, at 2.00 pm, it's still the fourth story on the ITV News website but has slipped to 11th place on the Sky News website and remains absent from the BBC News website. 

It is very interesting what interests some broadcasters but not others. 

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  1. All the more remarkable you might think given how often they have mentioned Trump and Russian bots.


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