Friday 13 April 2018

Out of Office-ish

This is a kind of ‘out of office message’ but in the meantime, here are two brilliant ‘long(ish) reads’ relating to the new, ‘left’ antisemitism. Harry’s Place "Labour's problem is not antisemitism" (Catch it before the comments disappear) and Brendan O’Neill / Spiked"Why do you hate Israel?"  (Beware of the comments) 

If I’m not mistaken, both these articles explain that the fanatical anti-imperialist / anti western/ anti-capitalist ideology of the devout Corbynista outweighs or overrides the anti-semitism within its inherent anti-Zionism. In other words, followers of the far-left cult, including Jewish members and those who are not necessarily antisemitic, will deflect accusations of racism (antisemitism) with: a.) whataboutery; b.) ‘bad apples’ ; c.) ‘smear’; d.) turning a blind eye.  

One small observation. Jews, on the whole are loath to forget their gratitude to countries that took them in in their hour of need and feel it would be hypocritical to turn away any kind of refugee, ever. That might account for the concept (if true) that the Jews are encouraging , if not actually facilitating, multiculturalism and mass immigration. However, it has to be said. Muslim immigration - much too much, much too soon - plays a huge part in this. 

P.S. Last might’s QT. Barry Gardiner surprised me; he looked genuinely ashamed, but still, in the end he deflected. Kate Andrews was excellent. Dimbles changed the subject with an air of boredom just as it got into its stride. As soon as that lout in the audience mentioned Boris Johnson I knew it. I knew Watermelon  and Piccaninnies  would come up, but i didn’t think the idiot who would come up with it would be Jonathan Freedland. Spiteful, out of context and gratuitous. Oh dear.


  1. Dimbleby, though later admonishing people for shouting out from the audience, seemed all too keen to hear what that particular shouter had to say about Boris...The Get Boris campaign continues. The watermelons quote, though probably unwisely entered upon in this PC age, was of course a parody of patronising attitudes to black people by charidees...something that only now Comic Relief and others are catching up with and amending the way they present appeals, so as not to show Africans as helpless. But Dimbleby was more than happy to have Boris traduced by an audience yob with no right of reply, while he cynically called upon his brother (Sleepy Jo) to do the defending.

  2. I don't know about Jews but I believe immigrants in general aren't too keen on further immigration, after all it's their jobs and houses that are under pressure.
    Maybe if immigrants have done well and aren't at the bottom of the pile their attitude is different?


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