Monday 13 June 2022

A familiar tale

My Google News feed this afternoon was full of reports from countless UK news sites about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer being investigated by the parliamentary standards watchdog over potential rule breaches on earnings and gifts. 

Only the BBC didn't appear in my feed. 

I checked and couldn't find it on the BBC News home page, though it was a lead story on both the ITV News and Sky News websites at the time [around 3pm]. 

I did find it on the BBC Politics page though. 

Now, at 5.30pm, I see the story IS now on the BBC News home page, as the next-to-last headline story.

So, in time-honoured BBC style, they will be able to say that they'd reported it on the main page of their news website  - should some accuser charge them with partisan underplaying of the story...

...And now, at 5.50pm, I've refreshed the BBC News home page and it's gone again.
Blink and you'll have missed it.

Something tells me the BBC doesn't want to put the spotlight on this story.

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