Thursday 23 June 2022

Ofcom complains about the BBC's complaints process

The BBC's regulator Ofcom reports its own findings pretty clearly in the following four headlines: 

  • BBC must transform the way it serves audiences, Ofcom warns
  • Too many people lack confidence in BBC complaints process, which must improve
  • Audiences consistently rate it less favourably for impartiality
  • Ofcom introduces new regulation to make the BBC more transparent and open

Of the BBC's tortuous complaints process, Ofcom have this to say: 
Fewer than one in five complainants told Ofcom they had a satisfactory complaints experience, and over half reported a bad experience. Others were concerned about the tone and detail of response; and that the BBC took too long to respond. Fewer than half of complainants said they received an initial substantive response within two weeks, the BBC’s target response time. Furthermore, around two thirds of UK adults who have cause to complain do not go on to make one at all, with 42% feeling it would not make a difference and 29% feeling it would not be taken seriously.

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