Monday 27 June 2022

Not to be used

Language over abortion is clearly tricky, especially if you're broadcaster like the BBC with commitments to impartiality on such issues. The BBC News website report Roe v Wade: The world reacts to US abortion ruling, first published on Saturday, really went out of its way to cover all bases. It used 'pro-abortion' and 'pro-choice' and 'reproductive rights' campaigners' and 'gender justice activists' for one side and 'anti-abortion' and 'pro-life' for the other side. Suddenly today one of those phrases was removed and replaced...and I bet you can guess which one [click to enlarge].
And, at much the same time, a newer report Abortion care summit brings clinic buffer zones closer has now seen an identical edit [another enlarging click needed]:
Perhaps the most surprising thing here is that some BBC journalists were using the phrase in the first place.

Update, 12:30 - The latter article has been amended again now and 'pro-choice' added twice. Someone's working hard to 'make amends' on that article!

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