Saturday 18 June 2022

“Another low”

I see a Guardian headline this evening: ‘Bolsonaro’s fingerprints are all over this’: how president’s war on Amazon played part in double killing

I've not been following this too closely, but when British journalist Dom Phillips and 'Indigenous expert' Bruno Pereira lost their lives, presumably murdered, I saw plenty of journalists expressing their horror.


But some BBC journalists' comments went beyond what you'd have expected from BBC journalists. 

The BBC's South America correspondent Katy Watson has been one of those taking it personally and raging against Brazilian president on Twitter. “Another low”, she tweeted angrily about the elected Brazilian leader this week.

It's not the kind of BBC journalism we're meant to be used to, though I especially remember her for looking as if she'd genuinely been crying when reporting for the BBC on the night when Donald Trump won the election in November 2016 so it doesn't surprise me. 

It's 'feelings' journalism, and it's spreading. 

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