Sunday 12 June 2022

The Strange Case of 'The BBC-Deprived'

Peter Hitchens, in his Mail on Sunday column a few weeks back, mentioned an experiment about the BBC. 

200 people, many allegedly BBC sceptics, were kept BBC-free for nine days and most of them ended up saying they couldn't live without the BBC.

It's something I'd heard about earlier because BBC types were gloating about it on Twitter.

I'm sceptical. I've managed to almost entirely avoid the BBC's output for over two months with no adverse consequences or regrets whatsoever.

The exception was Composer of the Week on Radio 3, which - see a few posts below - was celebrating a major Vaughan Williams anniversary. But I even gave up on that and reverted to YouTube and Spotify to supplement my record collection. 

I may or may not be an outlier, but I think this blog - and others like it - have long been onto a growing mood among a growing swathe of the population. 

The BBC was invaluable to me when I was young. It isn't now.

From now on I suspect my re-engagement with the BBC will be limited to checking up on the BBC for the purposes of this blog, and very little else. 

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