Friday 31 January 2014

Bad Egg

Isn’t it odd that the BBC lags behind events in oh so many ways? When something they find distasteful comes along they drag their feet until they simply can’t ignore the elephant pounding on the door.
This time it was the black egg over on Channel 4. I rarely watch Channel 4 news because of the obvious political bias of Jon Snow. He really can be a disgrace, as Richard Millett will testify. 

But via Harry’s Place (I know) I was urged to watch the episode of Channel Four News that was aired on the 28th. It was broadcast before the Newsnight edition I mentioned here
That probably explains why the BBC actually deigned to address the issue - a catch-up type of thing.

“We’ve taken the decision to cover up the image in case it causes offence to some viewers..”
Anyway, it seems that Channel 4 introduced the Jesus and Mo debacle with an illustration of the offending cartoon. With “Mo” blacked out. They’d specially made a Mo-shaped blackout graphic that looked a bit like Mo was wearing an eyeless burka, or as the cartoonist described it “ a black egg.” 
The egg of Islamophobia.  It was asking to be lampooned, and so it was.
Here’s that Channel 4 news, which includes an interview with Mohammed Shafiq.
Note  how Shafiq repeatedly calls him Jon throughout the interview. In my opinion Shafiq is asking to be lampooned and at least he’s *against violence*. We really really need one of those old style impressionists. Who would dare to do Mohammed Shafiq? Rory Bremner? Culshaw? McGowan? 

“This sounds neither liberal nor democratic!” “ Who elected you? “  - some of the counter arguments put by Snow. But I don’t think his heart was really in it. Innit.

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