Tuesday 28 January 2014

Closing credits

Still, after all this negativity about last night's Newsnight, at least the programme had the decency to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. The BBC may not be very supportive of living Jews but it often does justice to the victims of the Holocaust. 

We heard poignantly from Anita Lasker Wallfisch, a cellist who performed in the Women's Orchestra at Auschwitz - an increasingly rare survivor. Mengele heard her play Schumann's beautiful Traumerei ('Dreaming'). Gulp.

Her son, the wonderful Raphael - another cellist - and his son, Simon, played the programme out by playing that much-neglected master Ernest Bloch's touching Jewish Song from From Jewish Life. 

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  1. The BBC has always been OK with the Jews as victims especially those who are victimised by the BBC's favourite enemies. the Nazis. It's those who refuse to be victims and take up arms to avoid that status that the BBC can't stomach.


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