Saturday 18 January 2014


Alan at Biased BBC notes the BBC's lack of interest (so far) in the news from Marketing Week that "Zoopla is threatening to axe its multi-million pound shirt deal with West Bromwich Albion if Nicolas Anelka continues to play for the club over fears the brand’s Jewish roots are being tarnished by the worsening furore around his controversial ‘quenelle’ goal celebration." [Zoopla is "co-owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman".]

As he says, other media outlets are less reticent:
Daily TelegraphWest Bromwich Albion shirt sponsors threaten to cancel deal over Nicolas Anelka's 'quenelle' goal celebration
IndependentWest Brom shirt sponsor threatens to walk away if Nicolas Anelka plays in wake of 'quenelle' row
Daily MirrorNicolas Anelka 'quenelle' row: West Brom shirt sponsors to quit if striker plays in another match
Daily ExpressSack Anelka or be axed! Zoopla threaten to withdraw WBA's £3m shirt sponsorship deal
Daily MailAxe Anelka! West Brom's shirt sponsors tell club to drop Frenchman after quenelle gesture or they will lose £3m deal
Ah, but, the BBC website has mentioned it. To find it you really have to be looking for it specifically though - which hardly anyone would be. 

I only found it by searching under 'Zoopla', where it takes you to an article on the Sports page headlined Nicolas Anelka: West Brom urge FA to make quick judgement. You won't find the article on the BBC's Home page, and there's only the tiniest link to it on its heavily crowded Sports page. Even when you click on the article all it says (four paragraphs in) is "He would not comment on a report  Zoopla is threatening to pull out of its shirt sponsorship deal if Anelka plays on." And that's it. 'Discreet' is the word. (Or one of them).

Alan's point is a good one: Don't the concerns about antisemitism expressed by a leading Jewish business leader matter very much to the BBC, especially where they concerns the alleged antisemitism of a leading Muslim footballer, given the BBC's (over)sensitivity towards Muslims?


  1. Good on Anelka. Don't believe the propaganda, this is not anti-semitic. It was an anti-zionist. There are many Jews campaigning against the Zionist movement - this is something the British press ignore.

    1. Rubbish. Just look at all the pictures of people "doing the quenelle" outside Jewish sites, not Israeli ones. Tasteful examples include various Holocaust museums and the school in Toulouse where three Jewish kids were murdered. All you are doing is showing that those who hate are incapable of distinguishing between antisemitism and anti-Zionism.

    2. of course some people did it outside jewish sites, but never did Dieudonné himself. Although, some people do this only as a provocation to pro-zionist who sees all non-jews as antisemitic. I know it's stupid but you can't blame the all others for this


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