Monday 13 January 2014

'Daily Mail' Bingo

Those of us playing Radio 4 Comedians Bingduring tonight's The Unbelievable Truth will have been pretty disappointed, as it was a surprisingly low scoring edition of the show (and funny too).

Still, thanks to Jeremy Hardy, we were at least able to mark off the 'Daily Mail' as he took his inevitable Radio 4 comedians' swipe at that newspaper over its 'fascist' past. 

That makes it three editions in a row now where Radio 4 comedians on The Unbelievable Truth (namely David Mitchell, Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremy Hardy) have had a swipe at the Daily Mail - surely ample testimony to the individuality and originality of Radio 4 comedians as a breed.

A side-game of Radio 4 Comedians Bingo is, thus, inaugurated. All that's required is for all six episodes to contain jokes at the expense of the Daily Mail, courtesy of those Radio 4 comedians. 

As there are three remaining episodes in this series, can we get a full house? As the ubiquitous Marcus Brigstocke will be back in two week's time, I'm feeling pretty confident - so much so that I've already popped the cava into the fridge in anticipation.

I can almost hear it now:
David Mitchell: Marcus, your topic is 'slavery', which my dictionary defines as 'living under a Tory government'. Marcus?
Marcus Brigstocke: Slavery was introduced by Margaret Thatcher and abolished in 1997, though the Daily Mail is still campaining to bring it back.
Audience: Ha ha ha ha ha ha
David Mitchell: Yes, cos they're racists!
Audience: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Henning Wehn: Did someone mention racists? As a German....
Audience: Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Jeremy Hardy: Did someone mention UKIP?
Audience: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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