Monday 13 January 2014

If you like spin, you’ll love this

 “Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, a breakdown of census figures shows.The percentage of Muslims among the under-fives is almost twice as high as in the general population. In an indication of the extent to which birthrate is changing the UK’s religious demographic, fewer than one in 200 people over 85 is Muslim.
One expert said it was foreseeable that Muslims who worshipped would outnumber practising Christians.” It’s not inconceivable” said David Voas, professor of population studies at the University of Essex.”
“Data from the 2011 census showed that the proportion of Muslim children aged 0-4 was 9% compared with a total Muslim popultion of less than 5%.“It certainly is a startling figure” said David Coleman, professor of demography at the University of Oxford.

So says this piece on the front page of the Times 10th Jan, headed: 

 Contrary to Professor Voas,  who “saw no prospect of Muslims becoming a majority in Britain” simple mathematics make it inevitable that Muslims certainly will become the majority in Britain. 
If, as has been stated, the Muslim population in this country is doubling each decade,  plus immigration of one sort or another and the practice of bringing spouses in from other countries etc., then no wonder the Muslims will feel more  ‘British’. It would certainly make Britain more “Muslim”, which is roughly the same difference.

Professor Voas’s Google trail produced this: 
 “The Jewish Agency for Israel has announced that the number of United Kingdom Jews emigrating to Israel, or making Aliyah, in 2009 was, at 853, the highest recorded figure in 26 years and 37 per cent above the 2008 level.”
Mind you, it’s a bit behind the times, the figures stop at 2009. But it makes you think. It could be a trend.

Douglas Murray noticed the Times article, and has written about it here
 “ Something big may be happening, and people can see it is ha  ppening, but best not to mention it in case people are ‘alarmed’. Elsewhere in the piece there is an account from Batley in West Yorkshire of how the growing young Muslim population there has led to ‘pubs, hospitals, houses and public buildings’ being turned into ‘Muslim private schools, madrassas, mosques and a Sharia court to satisfy rising demand from families.’ “

Isn’t it odd though. Douglas Murray, Melanie Phillips and/or anyone associated with the Henry Jackson Society have all acquired the same status that the EDL used to have. I think it’s known as the pariah status. Health warnings and disclaimers have to be attached, should one be about to quote from, or say anything dangerously near to  something any of them might have ever said.
The stigma of being labelled ‘far-right’ places them and their observations beyond the pale. All persons with an opinion that happens to coincide with one associated with any of the aforementioned, must preface [their opinion] with “I’m no fan of (Douglas Murray, Melanie Phillips, anyone from the Henry Jackson Society, or God forbid, the EDL) but......

Well.  I won’t try that, not that anyone gives two hoots what I think, because I do agree with them.  
“Rapidly growing Muslim families are making their mark on society however. The DoE lists 136 Muslim schools, 125 of them in the private sector. Britain’s first halal food festival […] attracted 15,000 visitors.[…]there are already 1,600 mosques..”
continues the Times. The article contains a suggestion; don’t panic!! That advice stems from the opinion of that silly, pollyanaish fellow Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra.
”It’s not about Britain becoming a Muslim country, but about Britain enabling the practice of Islam, which gives confidence to the vast majority of muslims. it’s a great country to regard as our home.”
But, sorry, I don’t find that reassuring in any way.
“Philip Lewis, a scholar of Islam and author of Young, British and Muslim, warned that the one-in-ten birthrate could “generate alarmism.” He emphasised the the variety of the Muslim population acrss the country, which in London included an affluent Arab elite and Europeanised Turkish Cypriots. In parts of the urban north, though, there was a “bicultural reality” of indigenous and Kashmiri working classes.”
Oh good. 
That reminds me. A long time ago, in the days when the Biased-BBC blogspot was magenta, BBC spokespersons used to chip in occasionally. Using various pseudonyms they would mingle democratically with the below-the-line commentariat in order to counter allegations of bias, mainly by posting obscure out of date links to the BBC website to disprove some charge of bias by omission.  We were told in no uncertain terms  that we shouldn’t mention a certain subject.”You’re not helping,” said one, in exasperation. “You’re undermining community cohesion.” 
That’s what the BBC thought it was up to; protecting community cohesion, with all its desperate attempts to normalise supremely unBritish aspects of Islam by infiltrating programmes of all genres with ludicrous plots and features designed to sanitise cultural differences. 

They tiptoed round anything that might cause offence to Muslims for fear of civil unrest. They still do. With considerable success it seems - they’ve just announced on the BBC radio 4 news, oddly enough, that there is to be a new Muslim family on Coronation Street, which is, I believe an ITV soap. Dammit I’ve made myself into a high court judge.

That short-sighted strategy will surely wreak its revenge. The desire to appease the Muslims stretches from letting women exercise their freedom of expression by encouraging them to walk round draped in black from head to toe, to the communal demonising of Israel and limply accepting the transparently stupid, illogical claims that Islam-inspired terrorism is justified in the light of ‘our foreign policy’. 
If this leads to the complete demise of the UK’s dwindling Jewish population and the irreversible  legal and cultural Islamification of British towns and cities I hope I’m not around to witness it. Or is it too late to say that.

When the BBC encapsulated the liberal left’s hand-wringing self examination with its infamous post 9/11 QT, it exposed a trend. Everyone was asking ‘what have we done?’ ‘ Are we wrong about everything?’ ‘ Should we beat ourselves up for thinking we were ever right?‘ 
Challenging old-fashioned values is one thing, but not to the extent that we abandon ours and take up someone else’s, especially if they happen to be far, far worse. Soon we’ll be asking if Hitler was right all along. In fact this is already happening.

The death of Ariel Sharon couldn’t have demonstrated more clearly that moral equivalence is the order of the day. Casting aside the question of (dis)respect for the deceased, the precedent already well and truly set in the case of Margaret Thatcher, the Palestinian voice was aired on the BBC as prominently as the Israeli one. More so.

“We” (and I’m using “we” to mean the BBC-led left-leaning establishment) ignore the hateful, vengeful, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic and the violent. We willfully turn a blind eye to values and practices antithetical to everything we (used to) believe in, just so that we can rationalise our mind-boggling confusion. It’s now an accepted  ‘norm’ that this upside-down scenario is here to stay. 

The BBC’s blatant, in-yer-face, Israel-Palestine moral equivalence is considered ‘impartial’, and the tipping point, in which the Palestinian/Islamist perspective is considered morally superior to the Judeo/Christian perspective has passed the point of no return.



  1. Scary stuff on your 'Guardian' link: "In the UK, an ebook of Mein Kampf, retailing for 99p, tops's propaganda and spin chart and its fascism and Nazism chart, and sits in second place in its political science and ideology bestseller list."

  2. You have got this all wrong. You can't trust the BBC full stop. You are actually falling for Islamic terrorist propaganda. You do realise that NATO and western intelligence are behind much of the terrorism. This is fact by the way. Go do some proper research and let go of your beliefs. Divides are created to weaken the masses, you are a prime example of someone who is trapped in an ideology force fed to you by the mainstream media. No Human in their right mind can sympathise with the Israeli governments apartheid. You moron.


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