Monday 20 January 2014

Ewe are joking

The BBC is facing fresh allegations of bias in favour of the Labour Party after it emerged that journalists have pinned a series of anti-Tory tabloid newspaper headlines to the walls of its Westminster studios.
On one notice board a “stop the cuts” poster has been pasted up next to headlines including “Gun nut Tory MP: I tried to shoot a cat” and “Ewe are joking: Tory MP was not wearing trousers when stopped by police”.
Rob Wilson, a Conservative MP and an aide to George Osborne, called on the BBC to remove the articles immediately and launch an investigation into who was responsible for displaying them.
Now, of course, there could be an equivalent Labour-bashing noticeboard, complete with a 'Stop the benefit scoungers' poster, on the other side of the BBC's Westminster studios, and...

But what does the BBC say about all this?:
"We don't immediately know what staff notice board Mr Wilson is referring to, but whatever it is; it won't have anything to do with the BBC's output."
It's in the BBC's Westminster studios apparently, mate...and, yeah right, if you say so.

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