Saturday 25 January 2014

Newsnight: What's the story?

Continuing on the theme of this week's Newsnight, here's a run-down of the stories they chose to cover.

Monday 20/01/2014: (a) the Lib Dems "mess" over Lord Rennard, (b) Syria, (c) the Rosetta comet-chasing probe and (d) a new kind of cafe.

Tuesday 21/01/2014: (a) the Lib Dems "mess" over Lord Rennard, (b) David Baddiel on Nicholas Anelka and the quenelle, (c) UKIP's un-PC pronouncements, (d) 24 hours in A&E and (e) China's tax-evading elites.

Wednesday 22/01/2014: (a) the latest unemployment figures, (b) Syria, (c) sex pests (in the light of the Lord Rennard story), (d) khat

Thursday 23/01/2014: a special from the World Economic Forum in Davos

Friday 24/01/2014: (a) Labour's plans to wipe out the budget deficit, (b) Syria, (c) the protests in Ukraine, (d) how Google positively encourages technological risk-taking 

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