Saturday 18 January 2014

Benefits Street

What with even the wonderful More or Less following the rest of the BBC and 'dissing' Channel 4's Benefits Street, it's time for a joke. 

It's a joke that's cropping up all over the place, and all manner of people are passing it off without a tip of the hat to its creator. 

Unfortunately, it's hard to know who its creator is. All we can say is that it's very unlikely to be Marcus Brigstocke, Mark Steel or Jeremy Hardy.
Having watched Benefits street, it's not much different to Sesame Street. Both have a big bird, a bloke living out of a bin, and people trying to learn the alphabet.
For those who missed the BBC's online coverage, here's a flavour of it (headlines only):
Benefits Street: Working couple 'cut' from Channel 4 show
Benefits Street potentially misrepresents: Crisis charity
Frank Skinner turned down Benefits Street narrator job
Benefits Street: Petition calls for programme to be axed
Fifty pence to fame
Benefits Street series sparks hundreds of complaints
Benefits Street Birmingham documentary criticised
Benefits Street: Birmingham documentary 'encouraged crime'

1 comment:

  1. How revealing that it was the "lawful, working" people on The Street that were cut out.
    I don`t know if that is what they wanted-but Channel 4 did them a favour in any event.
    Out all day-letting the street down with their la-di-dah working patterns-and isn`t one of them a benefits assessor at the local dole office(or Job Centre Plus-Plus Experiential Elf Spa as it`s called).
    Ashamed of working?...I`d certainly be, if the likes of Smog knew I would be out all day...and he needed to fish a bin for old Red Stripe tins with a drop of booze in `em!


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