Saturday 14 May 2016

Brexit, the movie


  1. Not a bad effort. But it only really gives the free market approach, which is not the only approach to leaving the EU. For instance, there is a strong argument that it is difficult for us to protect our industries from dumping by China while we remain in the EU (where we have to get the agreement of so many countries to take action).

    Are there going to be any TV ads in the Referendum or is that something else that Cameron has stitched up.

  2. Much, much better than I expected. Quibbles here and there, like the ethnic stereotypes which are an own goal, easy fodder for Remainiacs, and the music could have had at least some optimism for a second, rather than bog standard ominous burbling. And this is probably mostly preaching to the choir, as who knows how many people on the fence will watch it. But overall, well thought out, and I learned things.

    The most important by 20.1 miles I learned very early on. I'm sure I'd be considered more anti-EU than Nigel Farage from a certain perspective anyway, but this....

    I didn't know that MEPs can't introduce legislation, or ask for a repeal of any, but merely vote on laws introduced by the unelected mandarins. WTactualF. I just looked it up to confirm. That's it, game over. I knew the whole thing was a farce for a variety of reasons, but somehow I didn't know this. As Simon Heffer said, the entire concept of an MEP is pointless, a charade. Peter Lilly put it best: you can be taxed by other people without your say. It's taxation without representation, the primal reason for the American Revolution. The overseas masters had taken away the colonists' rights as Englishmen (i.e. British citizens), which they were at the time.

    The Treasury had to pay back-breaking sums for accumulated debt(for wars past and ongoing), and they had to get the cash from somewhere. Laws written and and executed by people you can't vote for, your money taken without your consent to prop up other people's lifestyles and pay off other people's debts. Sound familiar? (For the sake of argument, never mind that the nascent United States owed its chance for birth both directly and indirectly thanks to British expenditure in blood and treasure in the North American theater of the Seven Years War, which we call the French and Indian War).

    The other WTF moments were pretty early on as well. 10,000 people paid more than the PM? Which means 10,000 gold-plated pensions at taxpayer expense, as long as the gravy train keeps going. British fisherman paid to burn their boats so Continental fisherman can work in their home waters instead?

    Like I said, much better than I expected, minor quibbles aside. Thanks for posting.

    1. I agree that the ethnic stereotyping was really unnecessary and a bit of an own goal.


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