Tuesday 17 May 2016

Sky on Shami

It’s unusual to see any comments at all on Sky News online. Today there are 21 (at the time of writing) Guess what the report is about.....
Shami Chakrabarti. 

Having recently joined the Labour Party to show that she’s the most suitable person to chair their enquiry into antisemitism, she has been defending herself against accusations of bias. The first thing she’s done is broaden the enquiry to include Islamophobia and all forms of racism.

“The former human rights campaigner said: "I consider myself to be independent. And I do not think I am less independent for making absolutely clear that I share the values of the Labour Party constitution and will seek to promote those values in any recommendations and findings.”

and I consider myself to be the Queen of Sheba.  Oh the irony. Maybe all criticism of Chakrabarti will be deemed racist, so the whole exercise is doomed to disappear up its own fundament.

Update: I couldn’t resist sharing this H/T H.P.


  1. So she's doing the same sort of thing, just under a different label. Get out the whitewash.

  2. Was this ever anything other than, lets get Labour off the hook.

    1. Not only that, but it was set up to water down anti-Semitism and conflate it with Islmaophobia and generic racism. Universal Shami has lost all credibility with this, but she will instead be praised by the BBC.


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