Thursday 12 May 2016

ITV stitch-up?

Is there an ITV stitch-up?

One can understand that the Tories don’t want to highlight “blue-on-blue” disunity, but bear in mind the fact that the media helps boost the ‘toxicity’ factor of Nigel Farage by continually adding the label ‘far-right‘ every time they mention his name.

In fact, I don’t believe David Cameron would necessarily win over the undecideds in a televised debate. The debate, however, isn’t actually a head to head debate. It’s a ‘one after the other’ affair, in front of an audience.


Ellie Price, the Daily Politics’s political correspondent must have mentioned that Nigel Farage is “toxic” at least several hundred times,. She didn’t say anything at all about the toxicity level of David Cameron. 

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  1. Smacks of Osborne strategemania. But thankfully I think he's probably got it wrong.

    The polls suggest the vote will be close. If Leave are to win they need to turn potential Remain voters into Leave voters. Potential "turns" are unlikely to be Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, or Plaid Cymru voters. They are likely to come from Conservative or Labour voters - precisely the sort of people who actually do vote UKIP in EU elections.

    Assuming Farage puts in a good performance and the presentations are handled fairly, I think it could give a boost to the Leave vote. I doubt he will turn off many potential Leave voters.


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