Friday 20 May 2016

“Swivel-eyed crazy”

I was just about to compose a shell-shocked rant about Paul Mason’s extraordinary outburst during last night’s Question Time, but I see OMG The Daily Mail has done it for me.
In a sidebar, a brief reference to the BBC: 
“Dismissed as a 'revolutionary marxist' by George Osborne, Paul Mason's left-wing leanings were no secret during his decade long career at the BBC.”

Toby Young  and William Cameron Tweeted:

I wonder if anyone from the BBC will have anything to say?


  1. If he thinks Boris Johnson is a poor return on the investment in his Eton education, think how we taxpayers feel about your education, Paul - negative return.

  2. Anyone who attempting to defend Mason by claiming he left his opinions at the door while at the BBC is lying. He published books promoting far-left revolutionary activism while he was the Newsnight economics editor, FFS. Rod Liddle was forced to resign for talking about voting Labour, but Mason was given carte blanche for his public activism.

    I have a video of Mason saying that, in his early days as a journalist on the crime beat, approached reporting on a homicide from the perspective of how it affected the working class.

    It's been taken down from YouTube or I'd give a link to it. I downloaded the video the instant I found it, knowing this would happen.

    In the meantime, here's Mason at some forum on reporting on protests at the University of Westminster in 2013, while he was still at Newsnight. He gives a personal negative opinion on what he calls neo-liberalism. Condemns policy and a political movement outright. While he was working at the BBC.


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